I transform bodies to physiques. From average Joe to celebrities, athletes and corporates – my coaching plans have helped hundreds to transform their health, body and mind.

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Why My Clients Choose To Work With Me

My approach to fitness focuses of 3 key factors that result in successful transformations – mindset, science-based strategies, fully customized plans and


I am a Certified Behavior Change Coach – this allows me to get understand my clients’ mindsets and challenges to keep you motivated and help you overcome obstacles.


My programs are grounded in science. I’m a certified nutritionist and trainer from The American Council Of Exercise, International Fitness Association, Stanford University & more.


All my plans are high-end, fully customized plans designed using proven science, and paired with unmatched personal attention and support.

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What My Clients Say

I’ve mentored and transformed clients from diverse walks of life – from regular joe to athletes and celebrities, and have earned a reputation for doing so ethically, responsibly and scientifically.

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E-Books & Magazines

I write books, and publish the worlds first free fitness magazine. My books are free to read on kindle unlimited, and are available on Amazon.

3 short and crisp ebooks, covering the latest science of fasting, pre and post-fasting strategies, and more. Includes separate guidelines for women and for individuals over 40.

Traveling, attending weddings and fulfilling social obligations doesn’t always have to take a toll on your fitness. 7 simple steps to stay on track while indulging in festivities.

Jumping back into the gym is exciting, but there’s a way to do it without shocking and damaging your joints. Includes 14 workouts & 11 mobility, warm up and stretching videos.