15 Minute Daily Workout

The 15 Minute Daily Workout Challenge is a 30 day workout program, designed to target a specific muscle or goal of your choice. You’re going to start each morning by performing a 15 minute workout routine with the goal of TRIPLING your performance on 1 selected exercise within 30 days.

This is NOT a full workout program – it is a supplementary 15 minute routine to focus on and strengthen any weak areas or muscles. The program is fully customized to your goals and capabilities and guarantees to triple or quadruple your strength and performance on the selected exercise within 30 days.

The program works on 3 science based proven training techniques:


Volume is the amount of workload you’ve challenged your muscles with over the duration of your fitness program.


How dedicated and driven are you towards your goal? Most people can follow a plan for a week or two, but it takes 4 weeks of consistency before you see significant results on any fitness plan.

Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is the foundation of any program that’s designed to maximize performance. Progressive Overload means challenging your muscles a little more with every single workout.

The program has been successfully used by 100+ clients of all ages (scroll to the bottom of the page for more testimonials)

Program fee: rs999 per 30 day plan.

To sign up, please fill up the form here and you will receive a call from me within 2 working days to answer your questions before I finalize your registration.

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