The Truth About These So Called ‘Anti-Cancer Diets’

It seems like just about everything is associated with cancer nowadays. After the recent piece of information that ‘red meat causes cancer’ went viral, I decided to do some research.

Obviously, I began investigating foods with anti-cancer properties. While the studies on foods like garlic, fruits, berries, green tea, and other healthy foods being anti-cancer are consistent and accurate, they tend to leave out one important piece of information that changes EVERYTHING.

These studies always tend to ignore the conditions in which these ‘anti-cancer’ foods are grown. To keep it short, I’ll just give you an example. Tomatoes contain an anti-cancer property called lycopene, which has been proved to prevent prostate cancer.


But do you really know in what conditions your tomatoes are grown? Chances are that you buy regular tomatoes and vegetables, not organic.

This basically means that the tomatoes we’re consuming are grown using various chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, right? (If you don’t already know that 99% of our food is pumped with chemicals and pesticides, you should do some more reading.)

So basically, I should eat tomatoes to prevent prostate cancer, but the chemicals and/or pesticides that I ingest with the tomato increase my likelihood of developing 4 different types of cancer.


The only way to avoid this is to buy organic tomatoes and foods, which are extremely costly (more than twice the price of regular food, in most countries), and even then you can never be 100% sure about whether it really is organic or not.

I hope you see where I’m headed with this.

The mainstream media is just desperate for a story that will make the headlines. There’s only so much information out there in the health and fitness industry.

In most cases, either the mainstream media is going to recycle information, or make up a bunch of BS that will go viral.

I’m not saying that the information that they’re providing you is not true, but they certainly do hide facts and reveal only the partial truth to make everything more dramatic and reach more people.


Here’s the verdict:

Don’t believe everything you read. Cancer is not something that you can entirely avoid, it’s largely genetic, but you certainly can reduce your risk of getting it.

Eating more anti-cancer foods is not going to reduce your risk of cancer as much as a well-balanced diet that consists of a variety of foods and nutrients will.

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