Case Study: Siddhartha lost 25 kilos while eating cheese omelets and greasy foods.

Firstly, congratulations to one of my closest friends, Siddhartha Bhavsar for losing all that weight and turning his life around. Credits for his transformation go entirely to him – he made the decision to go on a ketogenic diet to lose weight, and once he achieved his goal, he continued the diet as a keto lifestyle enthusiast.

To keep it simple, a ketogenic diet is a meal plan that limits your carbohydrate intake to a tiny fraction of your total calorie intake, includes moderate protein, and a high-fat consumption pattern.

On a normal carbohydrate based diet, your body uses carbs, glycogen, and sugar as primary sources of energy. Once you go on a keto diet, your body has no choice but to switch to fat as it’s primary source of energy. So your body will convert the fat you eat to ‘ketones’, which are easy to breakdown for energy.

But the most important factor about keto is that it greatly changes and improves how the body manages and stores energy. You will see better energy levels, improved sleep cycle, better mental focus and an array of improvements in your day to day life.

Now while you might think that keto sounds a little inconvenient, since you can’t eat carbs and the food options are very specific, the truth is that is actually can be difficult, especially if you eat a lot of meals outside your home. On the flipside, keto has it’s own collection of amazing recipes like keto pizza, which, yes – you can eat on a daily basis. Doesn’t sound so inconvenient now, does it?

Ketogenic diets and all the amazing recipes that come with it are a part of my Platinum Physique Transformation Package, available here.

Coming back to the case study, here’s a sample of what Siddhartha and any other Indian can eat throughout the day on keto.