Fit-Tech From The Future

Picture this: You wake up on a beautiful sunny day, feeling energized and ready to make your mark. The year is 2060.

You head over to the bathroom, brush your teeth and take care of business as usual. As you finish washing and drying your face, you notice an electric blue shape flying around in the mirror. In a few seconds, the animation is complete. Your mirror has processed and generated a daily report of your health.

While you were asleep, your sensor-based pyjamas collected data on your heartbeat, hydration, breathing and sleep quality. While you brushed your teeth, your toothbrush collected data on the microbes and bacteria in your mouth. While you took a dump, your smart-bidet analysed your feces for digestive issues, infections and cancers.

You then receive a phone call from Jym, your modern day personal trainer. Jym supervises your form while you workout and gives you fully customized fitness advice. It sounds conventional, but fitness training has come a long way since the early 2020s. Jym lives in your phone, your mirror and in the TV. He is an Artificial Intelligence powered virtual personal trainer. He sounds, behaves and interacts just like a human, and keeps you accountable and motivated.

These advances in technology might sound futuristic, but in fact – all of it already exists today, in our lifetime.

The pandemic we’ve just experienced has backed the fitness industry into a corner, leading to a spike in innovation and adaptability. A slew of new-age fitness apps, services and gadgets have emerged this year. I’ve listed out 5 fitness technologies that are already available to consumers, and are leading us into a new era of health and fitness in 2020:

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