Physique Transformation Package

Lose weight, gain strength, endurance, and energy while keeping it fun, challenging, and motivating!

Get 15 days of unlimited Online workouts for just rs499!

Receive fully detailed workouts with video demonstrations (400+ videos), customized nutrition plans, 200+ recipes with daily online support & guidance. Used by 50+ celebrities and 600+ worldwide clients to successfully transform, build strength, stamina, discipline, and confidence.

What’s Inside The Physique Transformation Plan?

Done-for-you fully customized workout with complete demonstration videos, including dynamic warm up, workout routines and post workout stretching routines.

Fully customized diet plan with access to 100+ healthy recipes to keep food fun!

Unlimited daily support & guidance via whatsapp and phone call + 1 weekly call where I assess your progress, challenges, feedback and update your workout and diet.

Membership Fees

70% Off On Your First 15 Day Workout Plan – USD $20 7 (INR ₹499)

4 Week Workout – USD $40 (INR ₹2999 )

4 Week Diet – USD $40 (INR ₹2999)

4 Week Workout + Diet – USD $80 75 (INR 6000 ₹5500)

One-on-one workouts via zoom call are available upon request.

To sign up, enter your details below to book your first free phone consultation at no cost.

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Q: What kind of results can I expect? 

Before you start any program, I’ll conduct an assessment over phone call and let you know what kind of results to expect on my program. If you choose to sign up and start a program, you will receive your workout and diet within 24 working hours.

Q:  How personalized are your programs?

All my workouts and diets are 100% personalized – I do not offer a one-size-fits-all program. My clients also receive my personal number to get in touch whenever they need any guidance, and I perform weekly assessments and check-ins with all my clients.

Q:  Do your programs include vegan, vegetarian and Jain options?


Q:  Do these plans require me to consume supplements? 

All my programs and diets are designed to get you optimal nutrition and protein without using any supplements. I do not recommend supplements. If, however, you choose to take them, I will guide you through it.

Q: What is your refund policy? 

We do not offer refunds. Upon signing up, you will be a client and member of Physiques By Vinay until the duration of your package is valid. If you have to travel or have a medical emergency, please get in touch, and we will pause the duration of your plan so that you can resume it later.