The 15 Minute Challenge is as easy as it gets. The workouts are short, simple and effective, and you’ll see progress and performance improvements within the first 5 days. You can surely prioritize your health and make 10-15 minutes a day for your own well being. There really are no excuses.

Even so, you might face a few difficulties. Training every day will definitely give you soreness that will last a few days, but keep this in mind – you’re performing 30 workouts for the same muscle/body part within a month. Most people train each body part once a week, which means they take 30 weeks/7.5 months.

You’re about to get 7.5 months of results in 1 month. So you’re going to have to tolerate some soreness initially – but if you’re consistent, you’ll build up strength so quickly that after the second week, you should feel little to absolutely no soreness. Challenge yourself. The results are more than worth the effort.


A poor diet will certainly limit your results on this program. Eat as healthy as possible.

The most common challenges faced on the daily workout challenge is building the habit to remember and perform the workouts everyday, staying motivated after the first two weeks especially if you haven’t been consistent and as a result haven’t seen the health benefits and increased performance.

The following guidelines will ensure that you have accountability and stay consistent.

1. Define your goal. Understand why you want to do this, what you want to gain from it. It could be to improve your stamina, to have more energy, to look better naked, it could be the silliest reason. But think about what that goal and reason is. So that you know and remember that you’re doing it for yourself.
Write it down and keep it in a place where you’ll see it everyday, like your desk/mirror/ or make it your phone wallpaper. The more often you see it, the better. It’ll be a constant reminder to keep your health a priority.


Print out your challenge sheet, keep it someplace that’s within your sight multiple times a day, and write your daily progress on it to stay motivated and accountable.

2. Do the workout first thing in the morning. People who work out first thing in the morning have a 6x higher success rate with their health goals. This is because when you start your day with an activity to better your well being, it sets the tone for your entire day. It’ll be at the back of your mind, and you’ll find yourself making healthier choices even with food throughout the day. As a result, your efforts and progress compound and lead to much, MUCH greater results.

Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier and finish the workout first thing in the morning. A few minutes of less sleep won’t kill you.

3. Set alarms twice a day. No brainer. Set one reminder to do it first thing in the morning. Set another reminder to do it in the evening/after work, just in case you couldn’t do it in the morning for any reason.


4. Check in with me. Every weekend I’ll check in with you and see how it’s going, help you with your doubts and questions. Remember that I’ll be tracking your progress and holding you accountable. Message me after each workout and let me know how it went, if that helps!

5. Share your progress or an update on social media that you’re taking part in a daily fitness challenge. Let people know. The fact that people know that you’re doing this, and that they’ll be waiting to hear updates at the end, will drive you and motivate you like nothing else.

Here’s an image that you could post on your IG story. If you do, make sure you tag me in it so that I can share it to my page! (@physiquesbyvinay)


6. Reward yourself. Choose a reward for yourself at the beginning of the program. It could be a vacay, shopping, food, anything. If you’ve achieved your goal at the end, you’ve earned it.

7. Understand that 15 minutes a day is an awesome start and very useful to build the habit of daily exercise and self care. But it’s still just a start. Just by reading your registration forms, I can tell that most of you require a lot more work and time to lose all the extra weight, get your health conditions under control and become what would be defined as ‘healthy and fit in all aspects’.

Each of you that complete the full 30 day challenge and send me before and after videos that proves your hard work and shows your results, will get a surprise at the end. I’ll also be giving a month of free coaching and a customized diet plan to the best transformations, so you can keep your next goal ready, and expect a lot more results and progress from the monthly coaching package thats up for grabs!


Good Luck!