Business Development Executive

Job Summary

The business development manager is key to the growth of any organization – in this case you will have the chance to learn how to run a business and take charge like an entrepreneur, being solely responsible for all our corporate programs, marketing and growth.

Responsibilities and Duties

Key responsibilities:

-Approaching corporates for corporate wellness programs. This will include cold calling, but if the candidate has a network and existing connections, that’s preferred.

-Booking our celebrity coach for appearances and seminars to gain more visibility

-Identifying new business verticals, revenue streams and opportunities.

-Playing a key role as part of the founder’s crew, being involved and having a key decision making role in business strategy, hiring staff, all company Branding and marketing.

-Ideating on social media and online marketing.

-Networking and bringing in more clientele and revenue.

-(optionally) candidate will also be given the choice to contribute to the founder’s other ventures in the FMCG and magazine industry, which will be an important learning opportunity, as well as provide an in-depth understanding of where the fitness industry is heading and how the company is maneuvering and working towards achieving it’s long term vision.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

Candidates must be extremely well spoken and fluent in English and Hindi, and hold at least a bachelors degree, and have a keen interest and understanding of basic fitness.

Candidates who hold prior job experience with relevance to the above description / have a network and existing relationships amongst corporates, or have sold wellness and fitness programs in the past will be given preference.


Compensation includes a base salary, plus a MASSIVE commission on sales/revenue brought directly through your efforts.

Work perks: Extremely flexible timings, and work from home/field work, as corporate wellness programs are a priority. Note that you will be reporting all progress at the end of each day, and employment will be terminated in case of underperformance.

Job Type: Full-time

Other Positions Open: Social Media Executives, Videographers and video editors, personal trainers close to South Mumbai and Bandra.

To apply, send in your best work and CV to