Daily Meal Tracking & Support Package

Getting Started


Thanks for signing up for the program. I’m super pumped to get started and help you learn how to eat healthier while traveling/eating at restaurants, offer more accountability and introduce you to new lip-smacking healthy recipes!

The process is simple:

First, we’ll set simple goals on one habit you want to change/improve about your lifestyle, and come up with a plan of action that’s easy and sustainable to achieve that goal.


Coming to meal tracking, you will need to take photos of EVERY SINGLE THING you eat throughout the day, and send it to me on whatsapp. 7 days a week, even cheat meals. Try and give me as much detail as possible, if you know the quantity and any special ingredients you think need to be mentioned, that would be helpful.

At the end of the day, or latest by early next morning, I will give you feedback on your meals, guide you with small and simple changes that add up to massive results in the long term, and teach you how to eat relatively healthy even if you aren’t following a diet.

If you let me know beforehand that you’re going to be eating outside/restaurant food, I will look up the menu and help you select the healthiest available options.


On weekends, we’ll get on a phone call to assess the changes, improvements and how close we are to achieving our goals. You’ll also receive some recipes/relevant and handpicked content from me every alternate weekend.

The biggest challenge you might face on this challenge is developing the habit to keep track of everything you eat, and remembering to send me photos. I recommend having a note to yourself saved as your phone wallpaper or written/drawn on your hand so you see it everytime you’re about to eat.


A simple reminder on your hand/phone wallpaper will help you stay consistent.

I have a full article on creating accountability and consistency which will help you further: Accountability systems and checks

Also, keep in mind that there are no expectations, personal opinions or judgments here. The point of this program is to learn that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, or boring, and is designed for the busy individual who socializes, drinks and doesn’t necessarily pay much attention to nutrition. If you are entirely transparent with sharing your meal photos, I will be able to customize & optimize your meal plan better. If you hide or forget to give me all the details, I cannot help you beyond a certain extent, and you will not get the full benefit of this program.

If you’re interested, enter your details here and I’ll get in touch.

I wish you good luck with the program, and look forward to helping you make healthier choices! Any questions/feedback are welcome via text/phone call.