Daily Meal Tracking & Support Package


  • Daily meal tracking and feedback. You will send me photos of what you eat throughout the day. The goal here is to create accountability and make more conscious food decisions. If you know you’re going to have to show me everything you ate, you’re going to be stricter and healthier. At the end of each day, post 9pm I will review all your food intake and send you feedback, correct your quantities, and if you’re eating outside food or trying to be flexible with your diet – this feature will be especially useful and beneficial to you.
  • Personalized recipes based on the food and cuisine I see you eating everyday.
  • 30 minute in-person or phone consulting sessions once every 2 weeks for further in-depth discussions about all your goals, assessing current progress and future changes and improvements that we could make.
  • Because I will be closely calculating all your calories and everything you eat, if you’re following your diet well enough, we could make space to include up to 3 servings of your favorite guilty pleasure food each week – whether its cheese, chocolate, or beverages.
  • Every weekend you will receive relevant content, like an article to guide you further with your diet/training OR some interesting healthy tasty recipes, like healthy beverages, snacks and dishes to keep you cool during the summer.

Package cost: Rs1499 per month.

Not sure? Take a free 5 day trial! No obligations to pay or join for a full month if it’s not for you.

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Getting started on the Daily Meal Tracking & Support Package