Discount codes and exclusive deals on food & nutrition products


  1. Healthy, diet-friendly chocolates from Lush Chocolates. This is my family-owned brand. Every bar is handcrafted by me and my grandmother who has been a dessert chef for 40 years. There are a variety of ranges from a diabetic-friendly range to dessert-snack bars rich in omega3, antioxidants, vitamins and more. 25% off on all orders.


2. US formulated Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non GMO multivitamins, with a very specific approach to longevity and wellness from Supp Nutrition
They make a multivitamin for women, with emphasis on hair, skin and nails, and a multivitamin for men with emphasis on performance and stamina.

Learn more on their website and use code VINAY10 when you order from to get an exclusive discount.