On on One with Vinay

Nothing comes close to guaranteeing results like having professional supervision, guidance, and undivided attention. One on one workouts with me are currently available via zoom/video call, and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

What’s included:

45 Mins One-on-One Guided Workouts

Stretching & Mobility Included

Fully Customized Diet Plan

100+ Recipes

One of my star clients vlogs his progess after 1 month of coaching with me!

Pricing: Rs999-Rs1999, varies on basis of package, duration and goals.

Before you make any payment or schedule a workout, we’ll get on a call so I can understand your goals and lifestyle, address your concerns and doubts, and give you a full understanding of what to expect and what kind of results and transformation I guarantee. You can book a free trial workout to experience and know what to expect with results, the style of training and progression.