Welcome To The 50 Day Physique Challenge!

The 50 Day Physique Challenge is an exclusive transformation package for influencers and ambassadors. This is an intense, 360 fitness package that will be customized and tailored to your individual goals, schedules and preferences. The program is 50 days long, exclusive, and free of cost to influencers on an invite-only basis. After the 50 days are complete, you can re-enroll as many times as you like, setting more challenging goals and taking your health and fitness to the next level.

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Listed Below Are The Receivables & Deliverables of 50 Day Physique Challenge

What you will receive:

  1. Initial health assessment via phone call where we’ll discuss your current condition, fitness goals, challenges, and doubts.
  2. A fully customized workout with full video demonstrations, diet plan with healthy shopping lists, and weekly phone call assessments and check ins. See the full package details and how it works here.
  3. A free copy of my Intermittent Fasting E-book with a daily checklist (Intermittent Fasting is not compulsory in this program).
  4. Get spotlighted and featured on my social media accounts (Instagram: @physquesbyvinay & @musclemanualmagazine). The best transformation stories will be published in my international fitness magazine.
  5. COMING SOON – A cookbook containing 50 fun, healthy recipes, over 25 video recipes, nutrition tips, healthy shopping lists & more.

What you are expected to deliver:

  1. Prioritize your health and fitness, be disciplined and consistent with the program. Since this program is completely free, I expect participants to respect both – their own, and my time . Put genuine effort into transforming and improving your health. If you have any kind of emergency and need to put the plan on hold, or take a break, that’s totally fine.
  2. Social Media Promotions: The objective of this campaign is to share your honest review and experience on my fitness plan, inspiring your followers to start a fitness journey, and recommending my coaching packages in the process.

Here is a breakdown of the promotional expectations during the 50 day challenge:

  • 2 Instagram stories every week.
  • 3 Instagram Reels
  • 2 Page posts – One should be posted at the end of the 50 Day Challenge, summarizing your honest review and experience, and detailing the progress and improvements you made on this challenge.
  • Share at least 1 before & after image or a short video clip sharing your experience, which will be used on my website and social media.

Tag @physiquesbyvinay & #50DayPhysiqueChallenge in all posts and stories. Workout videos, nutrition tips, progress updates, vlog updates, before & after images/videos are all great examples of content to share.

Invite or Recommend an Influencer!

I’m always looking forward to collaborating with more talented and like-minded people! You probably received the link to this page from my team, but if any of your friends/family would be a good fit for our influencer program, send them the link to this page so they can get join using the form below!