My Story


My name is Vinay Bhambwani. I’m a fitness coach specializing in weight loss and hold certifications in both training, and nutrition. It’s not as exciting as being Batman, but it’s equally fulfilling and satiating to have a positive impact on people by improving their quality of life and well-being through fitness.

I help people from around the world achieve their desired physique and have earned a reputation for doing so ethically, responsibly and scientifically. I’ve mentored enthusiasts from vivid dimensions – from regular joe to professional athletes and well-crafted models; many have life-changing testimonials dedicated to my service.


My History

Where do I even begin? I was 10 years old when my obsession with fitness began. Maybe it was because I grew up watching big, ripped action heroes like Arnold, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was super skinny, was terrible at sports and just wanted to be able to defend myself from bullies.

I started training at the age of 13 and have spent years experimenting with every different kind of program out there. I struggled, I cried, I failed numerous times – but I didn’t let that stop me. I was about 19 when I realized that I had tried almost everything and that I would just have to pick out the best elements of every different fitness program and design something that my body would respond to. Within a year, I had gained 20 kilos and achieved my fitness goal.

Later, I earned certifications as a Nutritionist, an Advanced Physique Transformation Specialist, and was a member of the International Fitness Association for 2 years. I even launched my own digital fitness magazine, Muscle Manual (which works at an international scale). that enabled me to network with, and learn from highly accomplished fitness entrepreneurs, authorities, and coaches.

I’ve trained with and learned from the most influential names in the industry, and I want to use that knowledge to help make individuals like you look like, and feel like superheroes. I’ve spent the last few years, analyzing data and psychology research papers on understanding why people fail after joining or starting a new fitness program. After another year of experimenting, trial, and error, and conferencing with the most brilliant minds in the fitness industry, I’ve developed a new approach to design programs that are simple, convenient, easy and fun to follow.


For more information on how I can help you achieve your goals, visit the Get Fit With Me or Contact page.