Physiques By Vinay presents: The Holistic Himalayan Getaway

Bringing you a retreat specially curated with your wellness and body’s needs in mind. Come and experience a week of breathing, and mindfulness, re-training and re-connecting your body, mind and natural environment, away from the fast, toxic city lifestyle and polluted air.

Spend this time with us in the serene mountains of Parvati Valley, Himachal, decluttering your mind, regaining perspective on what matters most, and learning to understand and read your body better.

Participate in a balanced mix of yoga, trekking, fitness and nutrition discussions that will lay the foundation for a continued life of wellness, and your body will reward you for it.

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Pulga Village – Picture yourself having a relaxing, outdoor yoga session with this view.

Day 1:

Leave from Mumbai by daytime flight, arrive in Delhi/Chandigarh by evening, have dinner and leave for Himachal by Innova.

Day 2:

Arrive early in the morning at Kasol, Himachal – a hippie town. Have tea/coffee and take an Innova to Tosh Village, about 1-hour drive away. About 15 minutes walk through the village to get to Shiva Cafe, stop for organic breakfast.


Shiva Cafe.

Relax for a while and take a 10-15 minute trek to Pink Floyd Hotel, the highest hotel in Tosh. We will be staying on the top floor of the hotel, and will wake up to enjoy cool, fresh air, free of any toxins and pollutants in our connected private balcony with views of the entire village, snow-covered mountains, a giant waterfall, and if we’re lucky, we’ll be absolutely engulfed in mist and fog like in the pictures below.

Photos I clicked from the top floor balcony of Pink Floyd Hotel in May 2017. Click to zoom.

Approx 10 – 11.30am: 20-minute outdoor session on introduction yoga and meditation, after which we have lunch at our hotel, and then spend the afternoon relaxing or exploring our beautiful surroundings.


Yoga and meditation in the mountains of Parvati Valley will touch your soul

5pm: Optional yoga/fitness session. All workouts will be kept light and refreshing to save energy for treks. If you want something more challenging, all you have to do is tell me – you know I always deliver on the training!

8pm: 20-30 minute discussion about organic food, adapting your nutrition for long term health, wellness, and illness prevention, along with a short talk about the benefits of yoga and what you can expect over the next few days.

Have dinner and go to bed by 10-11pm.

Day 3:

Wake up by 8am to start your day with tea/honey ginger lemon drink or any of the delicious healthy brews there, and head outdoors for a 20-minute energizing yoga session focusing on stretching, breathing and mindfulness.

Procede for breakfast, relax for 2 hours, and by 11am leave for a trek to the waterfall that can be seen from our room. The waterfall is another super easy 1-hour trek.

Once we’re there, we will do a 15-minute meditation and breathing session and really take in the environment and connect with yourselves.

Fun Fact: The waterfall is a melting stream from a glacier that’s melting from a snow-covered mountain. The glacier is a challenging but do-able 8 hour long trek.

Optionally, we could trek just 2-3 hours ahead of the waterfall, high enough to enjoy drinking fresh, naturally filtered glacier water, or if enough of you want to go all the way till the glacier, we can break this trek down in to a super easy 2 day journey and stay at a hotel in village Kutla along the way.

Kuttla is a stunning village with 1 western hotel, and 1 campsite. Other than that, its just 2-3 huts. Right outside our hotel, you’ll see wild horses and even deers!


Kuttla Village, the place that will truly make you feel your connection to nature.

Return the same day/next day and spend the evening relaxing/doing optional fitness activities of your choice.

8pm: Interactive discussion about how your first 2 days of yoga and decluttering from city life, have been, and what you’re looking forward to/want to spend more time doing during the remainder of the trip.

Latest by 9pm, have dinner and chill out for a while or go to bed.

Day 4:

Wake Up by 8am, have a hot drink, and join me for a fun yoga session focusing on core, abs, balancing and stretching.

Spend the next few hours relaxing, exploring, or doing more healthy activities of your choice with me.

12 Noon: Optional fitness discussion and Q&A. Let me know in advance what topics regarding diet, training, other health topics you’d like to discuss.

1pm: Have lunch and leave by car to Pulga, the land above heaven. The car ride will be 1-2 hours and will drop us off at the starting point of a 1-hour trek to Pulga village.

The trek is easy, consisting mostly of flat grassy land, some incline walks and concrete bridges crossing waterfalls and streams, walking to views of giant mountains covered with densely packed giant lush green trees and forests, and waterfalls.

Trek to Pulga

Again, the trek is easy, and along the way, you’ll see 70-year-old women carrying food and supplies to the village on their back, which will keep you motivated, but if you’re not up for it, you could do the trek on horseback!

Arrive to Pulga early in the evening. Check in to Hotel New Reservoir which is right at the entrance of the village. The rooms are giant, shared by 2 or 4 people, but large enough to accommodate 20 people. 3 sides of your room are surrounded by a large balcony with a view of the whole village, pictured below.


View of the village from our hotel in Pulga

Take 30 minutes to relax and head to a nearby cafe for tea and the most delicious & fresh food you’ve ever eaten.

Throughout the year, 3000 isrealis visit Pulga for relaxing, and partying in the forest after completing their 3 year mandatory military service, so the village specializes in delicious healthy cuisines like Isreali, Lebanese & Asian.

Relax and take a few hours to yourself, or explore the village / join me to do some stretching or any healthy activity/discussion of your choice.


Meditate under the stars

8pm: Go outdoor for a serene, calming session of meditation and breathing under the stars.

9pm dinner, relax and enjoy the views of the mountains lit under the full moon and bright stars, and then go to bed.

Day 5:

Wake Up by 8am, have a hot drink and light breakfast, and head out for a light walk through the forest. The forest is a safe, fun, beautiful walk with large trees and mesmerizing giant moss covered rocks and structures that are considered to be holy artifacts by locals. If we get lucky we’ll see rabbits along the way.


Enjoy a relaxing meditation & breathing session in the forest, while enjoying nature’s luxuries – the sounds of birds chirping and cool fresh air within the forest.

Spend a few moments relaxing and taking in your environment, and then return to the village for lunch and then relax for a few hours.

5pm: Optional yoga/fitness session focusing on movements/exercises of your choice.

6pm: More optional healthy activities of your choice.

7pm: Interactive discussion about how you feel after 4 days of living clean, healthy, in tune with your mind and body, and doing yoga. I’ll also do a discussion about how you can maintain this tranquil state of mindfulness and healthier lifestyle once you’re back in the city.

8.30pm: Dinner and chill, then go to bed.

Day 6:

We could wake up earlier than usual if you want to spend an extra few hours enjoying the place, and performing healthy activities of your choice. Then proceed to have breakfast and pack up to leave the hills.


We will leave Pulga by 11am, the trek back is shorter and easier, about 20-30 minutes, from where we will take an Innova to Delhi airport, spending the day in the car, enjoying our last views of the landscape, mountains and rivers, and take a midnight flight back to Mumbai, so if you have work the next day, you can make it on time.


Tentative Dates (the mentioned dates are flexible and will be adjusted 1-2 days here or there depending on everyone’s availability)

Depart Tuesday 21st May, by afternoon flight. Arrive in Mumbai early morning on Monday 27th May, well in time for work.

Cost per head: Rs45,000 per head excluding airfare (airfare to and from Delhi is approx 6-10k depending on how soon you book)

Inclusions: Lodging in rooms of 2, 3 meals per day (veg & non-veg options), all fitness services and expertise, and all travel from arrival at Delhi airport to departure from Delhi airport.

*price and schedule are subject to change depending on the number of attendees, modification of itinerary, request for additional services etc.

Weather & what you need to carry: The weather is mildly cold during May-June. Layered clothes or a simple jacket or sweater will suffice. You will also need good trekking/walking shoes, any medication you require or have been prescribed (I will have a general first aid kit). I will be carrying healthy, organic snacks for everyone, but do carry some foods of your choice. It is not expected to rain, but carry a raincoat just in case.

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