Resource Package for my Inner Circle


Thank you for being a valuable member at Physiques By Vinay.

Below is a list of resources that will help you speed up the journey to your fitness goals.

Exercise Videos [workouts, knee and shoulder pain/rehab videos, stretching videos]


Creating and maintaining consistency, accountability & discipline

Nutritional Guidance & Diets at only rs 4000 1999/month for my currently active personal/group training clients.

Daily Meal Tracking & Support Package – Let me monitor everything you eat on a 24/7 daily basis (via whatsapp and image sharing), give you feedback and live support, if you’re going to eat at a restaurant I’ll tell you what to order. It’s like personal training, but with a nutritionist by your side every single day. First 5 days free.

15 Mins To Fit – 15 mins daily workouts to 3x your strength in 30 days. Money back guarantee. First 30 days free for all my clients. Check out the link and whatsapp me if you want to join.

Discount codes and exclusive deals on food & nutrition products

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