Testimonials &Transformations


Congratulations Arjun Vardhan on putting in the hard work, discipline, and lifestyle changes to accomplish so much for your health and well being!
Arjun has been a part of my group training program, and has achieved this transformation in just 20 workouts with me. Needless to say, I’m extremely proud of him, and his dedication to fitness.

Although he’s made a tremendous transformation, nothing great comes easy. Arjun’s work and social schedule kept him from training frequently, and he travels a lot – within the timeframe that he has done these 20 workouts with me, he’s attended weddings, partied occasionally and had to travel at least 4 times, often overseas where eating healthy is an obvious challenge. What inspires me most about his transformation is the fact that he’s lost so much weight and improved his quality of life without compromising on work, social commitments, and enjoying every wedding and event he’s been to.



My client Satya took part in the recent marathon and finished with a great timing! At the age of 50, Satya is undoubtedly one of my fittest and most determined clients.

He’s shown extreme dedication, consistency and ambition when it comes to his health and fitness. Even on days that he’s tired or his energy levels may not be at their peak, he gives every workout 100% and often trains twice a day.

In the past few weeks I’ve seen his endurance, stamina and core strength increase drastically as he trained in anticipation for the marathon.

Satya’s is a story of vision and consistency. It’s easy to tell that he looks 10-15 years younger than he is, because he got in shape when he was younger, and MAINTAINED it.


“Vinay has been a close friend and coach who has helped me build muscle, get rid off my excess bodyfat, and used specialized knowledge to push me past my peak performance. “

-Bhavesh, future fitness model and competitive athlete.